Sunday, December 11, 2005

I have a love/hate relationship with malls

Living in NYC I don't have a mall to go to. In order to go shopping you have to traverse several subways lines and neighborhoods, carry EVERYTHING you buy (we don't have cars to store things in) for hours, NOTHING is indoors so you are freezing outside and then sweating like a pig in August inside. It is a mess.

So Scott and I think it would be a great idea to visit our friends in the great state of New Jersey where there are some of the worlds largest malls, next to strip malls, which are across the street from box stores. Nirvana.

For those of you are lucky enough to have driven through the state you know what a cluster fuck of streets, highways, and poorly labeled roads this place is. The state is currently looking for a motto and Scott suggests. "New jersey: the place where you can see where you want to go but you just can't get there."

So...the mall was incredible. Everything you could dream up all in one simple place. The crowds weren't even that bad but I was walking around in constant fear that my blood sugar would drop and I wouldn't notice because everything was so loud and obnoxious.

Worst fears confirmed. I was low all day long. I guess I didn't realize how much exercise walking around the mall can be. I mean I was out for like 7 hours, but I got it all done. Mission accomplished.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ah the Weekend

I am a good diabetic 5 days a week, but I just can't seem to keep it together on the weekends. Why is that? I guess my routine during the week is more polished. On the weekends I don't test as much, eat a lot of junk, and guestimate how much insulin I will need instead of really taking the time to figure it out, I drink, and sleep in, and just don't do well. This is a bad habit that I should break and by writing about it maybe I will feel some accountablity and do better tomorrow. Stay tuned to see if Mel can keep her act together.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Lesson

A am annoyed. I love my new endo...but she thought that I took too much insulin. Maybe she was right, but I doubt it. Granted I have figured all of this stuff out on my own without any help from an "expert" but I think I have done fairly well.

28 Units of Lantus in the morning
1:7 for Carbs
1:20 for Corrections

So, yeah, this ends up being enough insulin to kill a small horse but my blood tests are good enough to give me an A1C of 7.2 so congrats to me.

Here is the new plan:
20 Units of Lantus in the AM, 5 in the PM
1:10 for Carbs
1:50 for Corrections

Since this new regime I haven't had a reading under 180 and some as high as 350. I called Dr. Goland and she said it might take a day to start working and settle in, but I feel shitty. I respect her professional opinion but I think she's wrong on this one.

I am choosing to go against this advice and go with what works for me. I'm stubborn but adorable so it's all good.

The morale to this story is: you may be working with one of the brightest diabetes professionals in the country, but NO ONE is a better expert on you, than you. And with that and am going to lunch.